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Autumn Fjeld

Full-stack Product Engineer

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Current Role

Full-stack Product Engineer at ustwo

I create products and prototypes for ustwo clients as a product engineer in cross-functional teams of coaches, designers, and engineers.

My ideal job

I want to work at the intersection of challenging tech and creative design, driving development of an intuitive user experience with a team that is smart, passionate, and fun.

I am   when I'm learning, helping, and surrounded by peers who want to learn and teach.



Feet in Sydney, Australia | Heart in the USA

Legal Mobility

American citizen | Currently in Sydney with a Skilled Work (subclass 457) visa

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ustwo @ Major Airline

Full-stack Product Engineer Sydney, Australia · Sept 2019 - Present

  • ustwo client project at a major Australian Airline .
  • The ustwo discovery phase on this project has just wrapped up and our team is starting on the build project to create a new user experience for frequent flyer members.
  • Full-stack developer, orchestrated the choice of dev stack to be hosted on AWS infrastructure: React, Node.js, Typescript, GraphQL, Winston, Jest.
  • Tightly integrated with the client's product and technology teams to help them deliver products at an efficient pace that meet their quality standards and bring value to their members.

ustwo @ Create with Google

Full-stack Product Engineer Sydney, Australia · July 2018 - Present

  • ustwo client project at Create with Google.
  • Part of founding product team that launched Create with Google suite of products.
  • Responsible for the website and YouTube Mockup Tool. Worked in a rock-star cross functional team of visual designers, UX, devs, and a coach under intense deadlines. We delivered three unique products with the security and technical standards set by Google.
  • Create with Google website: marketing website to for CwG suite of products. Tech stack: Python, Jinja, Webapp2 hosted on Google App Engine. Highlights included working on the fun animations on the site and a phase 2 of the project to migrate content to a CMS, including building a preview site for draft content.
  • YouTube Mockup Tool: tool for ad makers to test their ads in a mocked YouTube environment. Tech stack: Python, Jinja, Webapp2, Angular, RXJS hosted on Google App Engine. Great experience in event based programming due to need to synchronize timing of element on the YouTube watchscsreen
  • I wore many hats over the course of the project: sole full-stack dev on the Mockup Tool, dev lead on CMSification & improvement of the website, also responsible for stakeholder management in guiding tech & feature decisions and on-boarding new ustwobies in agile process and QA. Amazing project to be part of!


Full-stack Product Engineer Sydney, Australia · Jan 2018 - Present

  • Smaller client projects or internal projects I've worked on at ustwo.
  • Major medical device company: worked on a pilot app designed to assist recipients to make optimal use of their medical device in real world environments. I was in charge of Python back-end, data crunching, and shepherding through AWS security architecture per company and regulatory standards.
  • BlueCats: part of small design/build team building new website. Sole engineer responsible for all technical decisions: tech stack, build pipeline, and hosting. Site built in Angular7, hosted on Netlify, with Contentful CMS.
  • Lumi: An internal ustwo project I worked on with a designer, to create a voice driven app that would change the lighting to reflect a person's mood. Using Philips Hue Lights, a Google Home, and node.js controller, and a beautiful UI design, I built an MVP Google Assistant app and web app. Read my blog post.

Talentbin by Monster

Software Engineer San Francisco, CA · Apr 2016 - Nov 2018

  • Full-stack software engineer, with front-end emphasis, building and maintaining enterprise recruiting web application. Tech stack: Java, PHP, Javascript (Backbone, Ractive).
  • Architect new code patterns with modern frameworks to replace, or coexist with, legacy code.
  • Building chrome extension app that is a mini-version of our main site which pulls data from social network sites to match profiles in our database.
  • Helping a growing team migrate from start-up culture to a well-defined agile-scrum work process. Creating documentation, proactively recommend improvements in communication and tools (git, slack, zapier, etc.).
  • Run team lunch & learn sessions, motivating team to share technical learnings and challenges.
  • Ruthless about getting team members to document their work in our git wiki!
  • Supervised two computer science interns, guiding them through the complexities of a large codebase and teaching them in first experiences in front-end web development.


Software Engineer Orinda, CA · Apr 2014 - Apr 2016

  • Designed and implemented front-end components of mobile consumer app and two enterprise sites in AngularJS framework. Worked closely with President to design UI/UX.
  • Collaborated with founding CTO to architect components, maintain build processes (grunt, gulp, git, unix scripts), choose frameworks, modules, and pushed to keep a clean, maintainable code base.
  • Refactored many parts of chaotic, legacy codebase to maintainability and sanity (SASS, Angular best practices).
  • Solved load time problems for large list of images, via ImageMagick script to produce uniform images, at the right balance of size and quality for optimal page performance. Continually strove for pixel perfect UI/UX.
  • Managed collaborations between lead developer and non-technical president, supervised two junior engineers and an assistant to develop her technical graphic design skills.

Freelance & Personal Projects

Lifelong learner San Francisco,CA · Then - Always

  • Built this site with a pre-designed html/css template, a great learning experience in design and layout. Broke up the html into pug files, storing my content as json to compile into a nice static site stored on AWS S3.
  • Used AWS Microservices for the contact form at the bottom of this site. Connected my email to this domain via Simple Email Service and wired up a Lambda function to email the form content from my API endpoint to myself.
  • Built a site for a Computational Materials research group at the University of California Riverside utilizing AWS tools: a multi-part site hosted on S3 with Microservices to handle dynamic content. Technical goals for this project included maximizing use of flexbox, using npm for all build steps, creating a scripting process to parse bibtex journal listings into interactive html content. Github repo.
  • Improving my design chops. Enrolled in Coursera's Graphic Design Specialization created by California Institute of the Arts.

Hack Reactor

Student San Francisco · Jan 2014 - Apr 2014

  • Part of a team contracted to develop prototype for commercial app. Designed back-end schema in Firebase, chosen for simple login authentication, direct database reference binding.
  • Built app in AngularJS architecture, ported to mobile with Cordova and styled with Ionic. Enforced strict modularity in AngularJS controllers and services to create efficient team workflow.
  • Built a d3.js interactive force directed graph as an AngularJS directive, allowing users to click on a url-node to create an expansive node map of Wikipedia articles. Wikiviz

NUMECA International

Engineer & Consultant San Francisco · Nov 2010 - Apr 2012

  • Provided consulting support to engineers at Boeing, Honeywell, etc. on using NUMECA’s computational fluid dynamics software tools, delivering solutions in meshing, solver setup, and post-processing.
  • Improved fluid dynamics and meshing software as an integral part of the feedback loop for identifying and troubleshooting software bugs, user-friendliness, and scientific accuracy issues.
  • Created and delivered technical training webinars twice a month to NUMECA’s user base.

Freelance Editor for Scientific Manuscripts

English Editor Global · 2010 - 2014

  • Edited scientific manuscripts for non-native English speakers leading to publication in high profile scientific journals, including work for American Journal Experts, a global editing service for scientists.
  • Built Joomla site (in my pre-web dev days) to advertise my services. Brought in business by advertising on Austrian websites.

University Of Leoben, Austria

Post Doctoral Researcher Leoben, Austria · Jun 2006 - Nov 2010

  • Created a computational model of a large casting process to simulate flow and heat transfer phenomena for an Austrian steel making company.
  • Expanded functionality of commercial simulation software with user defined functions in C and data processing scripts in scheme. Used Matlab extensively for data analysis. Tested feasibility of open source simulation framework, OpenFOAM.
  • Defined experimental investigations for industry partner to get input and validation data for simulations.


Software Engineering Immersive

Hack Reactor ·San Francisco, CA, USA

After years pursuing an academic engineering career, in which programming was a tool for computation and analysis, I pivoted to jump start my dream career: programing for visual pleasure, aka web development!

Ph.D. & M.S. Materials Science and Engineering

University of California at Berkeley ·CA, USA

In my Ph.D. reseach I studied bubbles! Yes bubbles! I worked on an aluminum purification project, where chlorine gas is bubbled through molten aluminum to remove impurities. This research took me to a research position at an Austrian university, where I worked for four years before returning to Berkeley.

B.S. in Chemical Engineering

Arizona State University ·Tempe, AZ, USA

Chemistry was my first education passion and Chemical Engineering fulfilled that interest for a few years as I worked at Dow Chemical, but soon grad school was calling my name and I went to Berkeley to pursue studies in Material Science.


Fun Facts


I've lived on four continents, so as you might imagine I love to learn about people and culture. 😍 Traveling and checking out the world is a must for me! Recent trips include Vanuatu, Bali, New Zealand, Cuba, Mexico, Republic of Georgia, Spain, Portugal, Colombia.


I was a researcher at university in Austria for four years, in my computational fluid dynamics phase of life. While there I was determined to become fluent in German and started weekly German-learning conversational group for foreigners in Leoben, Austria. I still work to improve my German skills via social groups and classes at a local community college.


Occasional sewer and creator of colorful clothes, jewelry, bags. I thrive on color. The combination of tech and creativity is why I love web development and design.


I've been a math tutor volunteer in a San Francisco middle-school, helping kids who are struggling with math meet state education requirements. I've been a volunteer in many different roles over the years. Past volunteer experiences: tutor for Women Who Code, high school prep classes for underprivileged kids.


I have been a voracious reader at times (my mother made me read 100 books in first grade!). Now I generally divide my reading time between novels, skill improvement books, and The New Yorker. Some of my favorite recent reads: The Short and Tragic LIfe of Robert Peace, Creativity, Inc., Beautiful Ruins, Where'd You Go Bernadette.


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